Dear Visitor’s,

INDO ARGENTINA Business Innovation Council in India is an independent impartial body actively promoting two-way flow of trade,investment between India and members of Argentina.The Chamber role is to act as a facilitator between Argentinean-Indian Businesses and to provide qualitatively superior service to its members enabling their businesses to flourish and in turn to strengthen Indo Argentina  economic relations.

It is my honor to serve as a Director of the Chamber and further enhancing the focused efforts of the Council towards playing a catalytic role in enhancing Indo-Argentina Business agenda and commercial relations.I truly believe that both India and Argentina are seen as forces of global stability.The two regions share a close relationship based on mutual respect and shared values.There is significant scope for Indo-Argentina trade relations. We at the INDO ARGENTINA Business Innovation Council in India,firmly believe that this is a beginning to a powerful,strong,stable trade relationship.

We have made efforts to revamp our website and make it convenient for the business community in both India and the Argentina to access relevant Indo Argentina related information. Furthermore,through our website,we hope to open a new window in cyberspace for our visitors where they can access our newsletter which provides latest Indo Argentina trade related information and also our event updates.

It is my privilege to invite you to become a Member of the Council and seek your cooperation in playing a strategic role in furthering the Indo Argentina commercial relations. Our Board of Directors are committed to fulfilling your expectations through the emphasis and empowerment of the Company’s vision and mission. I am confident that with your support and representation the Company will be able to strengthen synergies between India and Argentina,and you will play a leadership role in this regard.

I look forward to your association with the Chamber and hope to build a mutually beneficial relationship.

Dr. Christian Meniw