The first India Latin America professorship created in Argentina


Done by the Indo Argentina Chamber of Commerce (previous corporate name) and by the UCES University in its master area of Marketing, It will be the first professorhip in India and dictated by the Director of the Indo Argentina Business Innovation Council, Dr. Christian W Meniw

India and Latin America present considerable economic potential and substantial opportunities for mutual investment. In this regard, it argues that economic ties to narrow to seize those opportunities.

India has the potential to replicate the economic performance of China, which has become an important market for Latin American exports, but it also poses a challenge for the manufacturing sector of this country. Both have made extraordinary progress in finding its own way back to the global economy, with results that are visible to all high growth rates, even during the recent financial crisis.

The prospects for the future development of relations between India and Latin America are encouraging, as these economies are complementary and experience sustained growth. India is interested in oil that abounds in many Latin American countries as Venezuela and Brazil and can offer in exchange cooperation in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, engineering and agriculture. In the engineering sector, India is a major producer of all kinds of motor vehicles and software; and in the sector of agriculture, it is the example of the production of milk, tea, rice, which are also items that are consumed in vast quantities in Latin America. Another important contribution of India to the countries of the region is in the area of communication technology, where India today remains fairly close relations with countries like Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Dominican Republic and Venezuela.

All this means that we must focus on the strengths between the two territories. Despite the economic crisis for several years until today, the economic policies of the Indian government have managed to maintain stable financial system of that country. Multiple policies pursued by India have been to safeguard its economy in many ways and that has helped to mitigate the crisis, its banking system is strengthened because it has a number of very strict regulations that protect the entire financial system. The manufacturing sector has been very protected because they are implemented financial stimulus packages that reach six billion dollars.

Economic and political changes that occurred recently in India and Latin America are creating greater opportunities to promote greater integration. In the future, it is expected that tariffs and other trade barriers, especially in agriculture, is gradually reduced. According to experts, India’s commercial profile will change and offer great opportunities for Latin America. The commercial potential of both territories will be related to the growth rate to reach India in the coming years, both have the potential to multiply the opportunities to facilitate the exchange of lessons learned in development and economy. In the last decade they have signed various cooperation agreements in various sectors. India can offer lessons about success in creating dynamic services information technology, micro finance, aerospace and pharmaceutical industries. Latin America can provide success stories in sectors such as agriculture, mining, aeronautics, biofuels and programs of poverty alleviation.

In this context what is needed in Latin America is content and dissemination Market India, for that reason the Indo Argentina Chamber of Commerce created the professorship India and the University of UCES in his chair graduate in the area of Marketing, will be the first to dictate and dictate it the Director of the Indo Argentina Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Christian W Meniw with this creation will establish a before and after in the Argentine University and in the future throughout the region with respect the Indian market, from what the Indian culture, to which sectors where one should go in case you want to do some business with India.

Source: Silvia Lopez. Strategic marketing area Indo Argentina Chamber of Commerce