Presentation of the new Ambassador of India in Argentina

foto-evento-presentacion-nuevo-embOn the occasion of another anniversary of the independence of the Republic of India a reception was held in Buenos Aires where was also formally introduced the new ambassador, Sanjiv Ranjan.

India celebrated in Argentina, as well as all diplomatic representations of the world, the Day of Independence in 1947 signed with Britain. In India, people took the streets to celebrate and shout “long live India” with their tricolors. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, addressed to the nation from the strong iconic red, in the heart of New Delhi, the capital of China. The country’s economy, which is expected to grow by 7% of GDP this and next year-has represented the center of the official discourse. “We have left behind the major economies in the world talking about GDP growth,” said the leader wearing a colorful turban. He spoke of the reforms that have been implemented to attract foreign investment. Specifically referred to one that is being discussed in Parliament to unify the very complicated Indian tax, if approved, it would be one of the most important reforms of his government: “We have not allowed inflation to rise 6%, despite two years of drought and concern for the crops. “

ABC World Newspaper spoke in Buenos Aires with the the Excellency Ambassador Sanjiv Ranjan whom we would augur success in their management. 

Born in 1966, Sanjiv Ranjan has done his BA (Hon.) Economics, University of Delhi and MA in International Relations from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. He joined the Foreign Service in India in 1993. He is fluent in English, Hindi and Spanish.

Between 1995 and 2009, he held diplomatic posts in the embassies of India in Madrid, Lima and the Permanent Mission of India, New York intermingled with tenure at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of India.

He served as Deputy High Commissioner of India to Mauritius 2006-2009.

Since September 2009, he worked as Director (North) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in April 2012 was appointed as Deputy Secretary of the newly established Administration Development Association. On its latest publication in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he served Coordinator of the third Summit of the India Africa Forum held in New Delhi in October 2015.

He is married and he has a daughter. His interests include reading and music.