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 Click here to Latest News News India 1 2/11/2014 7:28 POLITICS India and Argentina begin a new era Increasingly bilateral interest and the proof is the recent visit was organized by the Indian Embassy and Foreign Ministry attended by over 140 entrepreneurs to India Conclave Latin America, and the visit of parliamentarians to our country. News India 1 Between Argentina and India were separated 15,927 kilometers, but by virtue of what is observed especially in the past two years with respect to their bilateral relationship, we are closer every day; Proof of this are confirmed by the work of our Ambassador of India in Argentina Shri Amarandra Kathua, creating the first INDO ARGENTINA Business Innovation Council which has headquarters in Argentina, and the recent opening of the Parliamentary Friends of India by the deputy Juan Carlos Diaz Roig whose vision is also boosting bilateral relations, so it has a project called SUR SUR . All actors described above play an essential to strengthen ties, since they are well aware of what it offers Argentina and India’s role. On October 31, the House of Representatives had a first official visit by a delegation of Parliamentarians of India consisted of newly elected lawmakers, led by the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Textiles, Water Resources and Recovery of the Ganges River, the Lord Santosh Kumar Gangwar and additionally 7 MPs representing 7 national parties of India, Secretary, Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs, Shri Afzal Amanullah and Ambassador of India to Argentina, Shri Amarendra Khatua. At that meeting the key points for the development of greater bilateral trade amplitude were treated, there was talk of mutual support that both countries have and the relationship remained Molina Campos Rabindranath Tagore, also became formally the intention that it meeting be held in India in February next year for a parliamentary official visit to India. Increasingly bilateral interest and the proof is seen was the recent visit organized by the Indian Embassy and Foreign Ministry attended by over 140 entrepreneurs to Conclave India Latin America and the visit of the delegation of parliamentarians from India mentioned above it still accentuates the relationship. We are in an ideal point because we have an embassy in India has great vision on the future relationship of the two countries also have block of the Parliamentary Friends of the Senate and House of Representatives of India and the Chamber of Commerce Indo Argentina, both newly formed, together with other small entities that also work in India and Argentina relationship. All this results in that work thinking about the short, medium and long term, not just on where they can be supplemented as agriculture, technology and joint ventures, but also areas where we should focus future as tourism, education, sports and outsourcing Argentine companies. You must not forget that whoever is the leader in 2050 who will be India. Currently the relationship to trade between Argentina and China has doubled since 2009, reaching 1.937 billion dollars in 2013, with strong surpluses for our country. India also stands out as an investor weight on the global stage. During 2012 and 2013, Latin America received more than 25,000 million dollars in investments Indian companies, which means 11% of the investment flow in the country. Currently 14 major Indian firms operating in Argentina. The trade balance last year involving the exchange of goods and services of $ 1.795 million, with a credit balance for Argentina 405 million comprising exports of 1.100 billion and imports 695 million. Bilateral trade was a jump of 107.38 percent in 2010, when it totalled 2.530 billion, with a surplus of 1,530 million due to exports 2.030 billion, boosted by soybean oil, which settled in Argentina India as a result of the decline in product sales to China, derived from the ban on imports of Chinese Barbie’s our country. Argentina now mainly organic chemicals day care equipment sound systems, auto parts, machinery, textiles, synthetic fibres, clothing, plastics, dyes and steels. The main products are India buys the world crude oil, gold and silver, electronics, pearls and precious stones, non-electrical machinery, organic and inorganic chemicals, coal, coke and briquettes, auto parts, minerals and ferroalloys, iron and steel. Argentina’s Techint, Impsa, Biosidus, Bago and Arcor have investments in India, while in Argentina there are 21 Indian companies capitals of steel, agriculture, agrochemical, chemical, computer items, vehicles, water pumps and air, drugs, cosmetics, transportation, tractors, oil and energy, and infrastructure consulting. If we all work together and we all have the same vision can do great things in the future, but much depends on each of us to be connected. If we work in collective thinking and not individual interests, studying daily on a market that is amazing from anywhere you look at it, every day we are closer to the future. Think positive always looking ahead without anything or anyone stop us because India beckons. Namaste! By Dr. Christian W. Meniw


(October 21, 2014): Make in India is our commitment and an invitation to all to turn India into a new global manufacturing hub. We will do what it takes to make it a reality. When we talk of Make in India, we are not just offering a competitive situation to produce but we give you an opportunity to create a huge market for your product. After all, handsome buyer is equally important as cost effective manufacturing. Make in India is a LION’s step that will lead to the growth of manufacturing sector in India on one hand and on the other passing direct benefit to the youth by providing employment & income opportunities. News India 1 I want Indian companies to become multinational. Indian companies should have their arms elsewhere too. India’s destiny can be changed. I move forward with this confidence. We will pursue this mission by eliminating redundant laws and regulations, making bureaucratic processes easier and shorter, and ensuring that our government is more transparent, responsive and accountable. Our first commitment has been the decision to move ahead by trusting every citizen of the country. We should begin with trust and government should intervene only if there is some shortcoming. Our decision of self-attestation does just that. Our decision on allowing self-attestation is a major example of how we want to restore the trust in our people. The next thing is our Digital India mission. Through this, our Government is committed to remove the chasm between the corporate processes and Government processes. Like ease of business, we also need easy and effective governance. Every person should have his details on the click of a mouse. Entire world is looking towards Asia. I do not need to waste time inviting; I only need to provide an address. India has a unique combination of democracy, demographic dividend and demand. By channelizing these three properties, we can have the entire World come looking for India. For a long time Look-East policy is under discussion. With Look East, we have to Link West. If we connect these two, then with our global vision, we can establish a new platform for our economic structure. The mood of the Nation should be to have the best of the World. We have begun a new level of Centre-State coordination. When we say ‘Make in India’, we are ready to stand with the States as a facilitator to capture global market. ‘Make in India’ is not a mere slogan or an invitation, it is our responsibility. ************************************************************************

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