Market of Argentina

The vast territory of Argentina has a variety of landscapes, where ice fields contrast with arid, mountainous terrain with valleys or plateaus; fluvial streams and lakes with large oceans, broad grassy plains with woods and forests.

Capital: Buenos Aires

Language: Spanish

Estimated population: 40,000,000 inhabitants.

Currency: Peso ($) Area: 3,761,274 km2


Strengthening the growth of productive investment by promoting business opportunities and high quality care investor

Argentina: talent + opportunity

Why Argentina is one of the best places of the world to invest? Basically because it has an economy that, for more than a decade, provides domestic investors and foreign opportunities, growth and profitability in almost all productive sectors.

Among the many advantages that the country offers to investors include: tradition of technological and industrial development, abundant natural resources, connectivity and infrastructure, regional and global interaction and a public sector that supports the development of innovative activities with high value.

Bank of Productive Investment Projects (BaPIP)

The Bank of Productive Investment Projects (BaPIP) is an on-line portfolio of investment projects that provides information on various investment opportunities available in Argentina at investors seeking to participate in one of the most dynamic economies in the world.

The BaPIP has projects representing investments of more than a million dollars in almost all productive sectors, and offers many opportunities, from new projects to the strategic partnership with local companies. Throughout the length and breadth of the country, it offers the potential investors a panoramic view of the investment opportunities that exist in each productive sector.

The BaPIP was created and implemented as a tool to achieve the linking of investment projects to potential investors looking to invest in Argentina. In this sense represents a gateway to national and international investors who wish to be part of this expanding economy.