India Visa Requirements

India Visa Requirements Fill visa form at Print it and bring a copy along with the following: Passport with minimum 6 months of validity and at least 3 blank pages. 2 recent colour photos 5,08cm X 5, 08 cm (2″ x 2″). One picture must be glued in the form, the other has to be given along with the required documentation. (No computer print) Yellow Fever Vaccination International Certificate.


For Business Visa:

  • An invitation letter from the Indian company that is inviting the applicant
  • A letter from the company (in their letterhead) giving details of their activities, products and services, the details of the business proposed to be done in India and contact of Indian companies and organisations which are being visited.
  • The applicant should attach his business card with the visa application.
  • Uruguayans and Paraguayans have to pay a fee for Business Visa.

Yellow Fever Vaccination International Certificate The visa application of Argentines should be accompanied by this certificate. You can get the vaccination done for free at Sanidad de Frontera (Ingeniero Huergo 690). The vaccination is valid after 10 days of administering the vaccine. This certificate is a requirement of the Indian health authorities and this is as per the declaration of WHO that Argentina is a yellow fever zone country among some others in Latin America. Uruguay and Paraguay are not in the yellow fever zone. Anyone who has lived or stayed in Argentina and even Indians visiting Argentina need this certificate while re-entering India. Without this certificate the Embassy is not allowed to issue visa. Without this certificate, the Indian health authorities will quarantine the visitor at the airport for about a week or the visitor will be sent back. Only exceptions are children younger than 6 months old and people with serious health issues such as diabetes, cancer or heart disease which does not permit vaccination. It has come to the notice of the Embassy that some doctors and some organisations issue certificates routinely at the clerical level without proper medical examination or basis. Because of this, the authorities have required that such exemption certificates have to be accompanied by a certificate from the Sanidad de Frontera of the Argentine government.

Some points for information Diplomatic and Official passport holders of Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay do not need visa. Foreigners can get Business or Employment visa only if they have stayed in Argentina, Uruguay or Paraguay for more than 2 years. Otherwise they should take these visas from the Indian Embassies in their country. For more information on Employment and Business Visa, please check India Embassy link :

Clearance has to be obtained from the Indian Embassy in their country, for which “processing fee” will be charged.