India could be one exporter of beef

This year Brazil displace sales of 1.7 million tonnes, mainly buffalo and sausages. Brazil was the last year the largest exporter of beef but the competition is gaining ground, especially from a country with little tradition in the industry: India. According to published site “whole field” data compiled by the Department of Agriculture (USDA) report that in 2012 Brazil exported 1.5 million tons of meat, which positions again as the largest exporter.

What is new is the rapid growth of India, which last year exported 4,000 tonnes of meat that Australia and placed second in the ranking of exporters. For this year, the forecast is that India advance in exports, reaching an estimated 1.7 million tonnes compared to 1.6 million in Brazil and Australia 1.47 million reported Beef Point from Brazil. The BBC conducted a survey which shows that India’s growth in the beef export market does not affect the profitability of the sector in Brazil.

The Brazilian Association of Meat Exporting Industries (Abiec) indicated that Brazilian exporters reached a record revenue last year, with $ 5.7 trillion, exceeding by 6.8% the previous record set in 2008, despite a reduction in volume compared to the peak in 2007 (1.62 million tons).

Data from the Ministry of Commerce of India show that the country’s meat exports in fiscal year 2011-2012 (April to April) generated revenues of $ 2.9 billion. In the first six months of last fiscal year, revenues were $ 1.4 million. The total production of India is less than half of the national production, but as the domestic market in the country is very low (representing an approximate consumption of less than two kilos per person per year) most of this production is exported.

India mainly exports processed meat sausage, selling to Muslim countries in the Middle East and Asia. Almost all exports of Indian buffalo meat are considered lower quality, cow is considered a sacred animal in the country and has banned its job, but the buffalo is not the same legal protection.