A light arrived from India to Argentina


The relations of India and Argentina have a new star and a glimmer of hope. Finally, after months of waiting we have the joy of having new Ambassador of India in Argentina.

To all who were fortunate to work or meet the former Ambassador of India, Amarendra Kathua, left a void his departure for everything that characterized him, among other things, his charisma and vision to unite more to India and Argentina, vision that accomplished in increasing trade balance to almost 3 billion and increase bilateral tourism during its management.

For that reason, the arrival of the new Ambassador for me is very encouraging. As Director of the company in Argentina, my mission is to push forward bilateral ties and unite us as a country, but my work would be in vain without a right hand of an ambassador who does not share our dreams and our goal as company . I’m sure our Excellency Ambassador Sanjiv Ranjan -born in 1966, who has done his BA in Economics at Delhi University and MA in International Relations from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, who joined the Foreign Service in India 1993, between 1995 and 2009 held diplomatic positions in the embassies of India in Madrid, Lima and the Permanent Mission of India, New York, who worked as director (North) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in April 2012 was appointed as Deputy Secretary of the newly formed Association for the Development Administration- will undertake a great task as did its predecessor.

While at first everything was uncertainty before meeting him, I can now assert, after sharing a few minutes with the new Ambassador in the celebration of Independence Day of India held at the Sheraton, that is a very charismatic, friendly person, with much simplicity of treatment, always with a smile on his face when speaking, but serious when it comes to issues related to trade, with much temperance, denoting his vast knowledge on the subject, and who is clear about what we must do to boost trade relations.

Beyond the desire I had to meet the new envoy of the Indian government, I have faith that God will make him do a great performance in the years that has to be in charge, and I am grateful that fate has brought us a person like him, because not only I see in him an ambassador but a being of light, and that’s just what we need for both Argentina and India can grow together.

The moment of truth has arrived! Now let’s start to work for growing relations again between countries for the future can be as it will be: bright and prosperous for all of us.


Dr. Christian Meniw, Director of Indo Arggentina Business Innovation Council

Link: http://acercandonaciones.com/2016/08/21/llego-una-luz-de-la-india/